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How to be productive at home?

Since a good part of us prefer working in the office (congrats to the rest of you!), current situation concerning the epidemy of covid-19 virus and also uncertainty of virus return in the fall, inspired me to write few advices on how to stay productive at home!


  1. To Do list
    Make your To Do list. Write in your To Do list every task that you want to do that day. You can start with tasks that will ‘re


2. Go to another room
Change the room you are working in. If you can, don’t work in the same room where you sleep.


3. Make a break
Working from home and being able to have a break whenever you can?! Sounds great! It is great time to try new recipe for launch and to get rid of fast food!



4. Reward yourself
Work from home is not easy! There is a family that is constantly bothering you, pets, street noise. Reward yourself whenever you finish particular task.


5. Turn off yourself from the world!

Mental health is of extreme importance! We are bombed on a regular basis by media and social networks. We are always overwhelmed with obligations and tasks. It is okay to be lazy sometimes and not productive enough. Remember that your health is on first place and it is important to get out of any crisis in one piece 🙂


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